How to Get Your Instagram Business Profile Category to Display as Podcast

Rich Podcasting

If you set up your Instagram business profile and Facebook page out of order, you may have discovered the frustration that is getting your Instagram profile to display or show as a Podcast. For whatever reason, Podcast is not a business category choice on the ‘gram, but it is on your Facebook page. So first thing you should do is ensure your FB page (having one is required for this to work) is categorized as Podcast. To do this, take these steps:

  • Go to the FB page for your podcast.
  • In the right sidebar, look for the About section (image below).
  • Click “Suggested Edits” or “See All.” Both options take you to a screen where you can edit the category if needed.

From here, you’re able to type in Podcast as a category.

Once this is done, hit save. If your page is already connected to your Instagram business profile, you’ll need to “Switch Back to Personal Account” in your IG settings by clicking on the menu button in the top right of your profile page (on iOS at least) then clicking on the Settings button. Scroll down to Business Settings and there you go. Once you switch back to personal, quickly switch back to Business profile and you’ll be all set.

Note: I have read that it’s possible to lose business profile insights (number of profile views, likes, demographics)  when you switch back to your personal account, but I did not experience this given that I set it back to a business profile immediately.

Hopefully this saves you time and mental energy. Go forth and prosper!