About Me

Welcome to The Show Starter! I’m Rich (by name only).  If you’re interested in starting a podcast or you’ve launched but could use some help, you’re in the right place. In addition to consulting, I love providing tips, tools and tricks to make podcasting simple, and sharing stories and experiences to help new and tenured podcasters — all without using technical jargon and intimidating language.

The Background

200+ episodes and 2,000+ hours later, I’m helping businesses start and grow their shows, and making podcasting accessible and easy to understand.

I’ve been building things online since 2008, including three award-winning blogs and two podcasts. My current show is Paychecks & Balances (P&B), a personal finance and career advice podcast where I host, provide strategic direction and keep our processes in check.

I’ve also spoken on podcasting at multiple industry events including Podcast Movement, the National Association of Broadcasters Expo (NAB Show), and FinCon.

Some of my top values include freedom, helping others and making a difference. I’m able to achieve all these through podcasting, hence the show and this site.

How I Got Into Podcasting (The Long Form Edition)

After blogging and freelance writing for five years, I wanted to try a new medium. What took me two hours to write turned out to be something I could say in 5-10 minutes. I didn’t understand how much time it would take to produce a podcast, but it worked out to be the same amount of hours but with more passion.

Something needed to change. Podcasting was the answer.

Podcasting is an intimate medium. People (almost) literally put you in their heads. They can hear your tone, inflection and personality in a way that’s not possible in writing. I knew podcasting would allow me to deliver the same content more creatively and authentically.

As I started exploring podcasts, I noticed there weren’t too many shows that provided career and money tips in a fun and relevant way. This became an opportunity. I knew the career side of things well, but didn’t wanna fake the funk as a personal finance expert — especially since I had debt. It turned out that a friend and former business partner had gotten out of over $30,000 of debt by age 30. I floated the idea of a podcast by him and he was open to exploring the medium.

In late November 2013, Two Guys One Show was born and ran consistently until the summer of 2016 when our second podcast, Paychecks & Balances began to take off. P&B went from hundreds to thousands of listeners and its truly been a blessing.

Over the past 6+ years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a ton of valuable lessons. I’m sharing them with you so you can navigate this new world a little easier, and because I don’t wanna see you podfade.