About Me

Why Hello There!

Welcome to The Show Starter! If you’re interested in launching a show that sounds great and sticks around, you’re in the right place!

The Brief Background

The streets know me as Rich. My momma knows me as Richie. I’ve been building things online since 2008, including two award-winning blogs, and two podcasts: Two Guys One Show (TGOS) and Paychecks & Balances (P&B), where I co-host, produce and drive show strategy. On P&B, I leverage experience from years in Recruiting and Human Resources to help millennials navigate their careers. This allows me to help people in a couple ways, though my focus here is on podcasting.

Work aside, I’m an Introverted Creative.  I spend a lot of time with my thoughts and ideas — most times unbeknownst to the world. I prefer quiet to loud noise unless I’m doing audio things or at a pro wrestling or sporting event. Loud night clubs with copious amounts of grinding? Not for me. Unless of course I’m there with Boobookins, who is likely trying to get me to dance, which is a pretty awkward sight. She’s also the reason I’ve grown attached to our pup, Melo, who is one of the flyest Yorkies on earth.

Some of my top values include freedom, helping others, making a difference, and being dope. I’m able to achieve all these things through podcasting, which is why I love it so much.

How I Got Into Podcasting

After blogging and freelance writing for five years, I decided I wanted to try a new medium. While I enjoyed writing, it was taking a lot out of me. It felt like I was spending two hours writing what could be said in 5-10 minutes. I was also struggling with showing personality in my writing. As someone that likes to joke and laugh, it was frustrating to meet people offline and have them tell me I was more fun or more laid back than my writing indicated.

Something needed to change. Podcasting was the answer.

Podcasting is an intimate (in a non-horizontal way) medium. People literally put you in their ears. They can hear your tone, inflection and personality in a way that’s not possible in writing. I knew I’d be able to deliver the same content more creatively and authentically.

As I started to explore podcasts, I noticed I couldn’t find a fun show that hit on work and money in a relevant way. I knew the career side of things well, but didn’t wanna fake the funk as a personal finance expert — especially since I had debt. It turned out that a friend and former business partner had gotten out of over $30,000 of debt by age 30. I floated the idea of a podcast by him and he was open to exploring the medium. In late November 2013, Two Guys One Show was born and ran consistently until the summer of 2016 when our second podcast, Paychecks & Balances began to take off. P&B went from hundreds to thousands of listeners in a matter of months. It’s truly a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

I’ve grown a lot from the mistakes and wins that come with building a successful podcast. That includes everything from conceptualizing a name and creating a workflow that saves time producing the show, to planning for and managing guests.

200+ episodes and 1,000+ hours later, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from building two podcasts so you know what it takes to create and grow a show.

It is indeed a journey, but I’m right here with you. Let’s get started!